Central Massachusetts Radio Control Modelers

AMA Charter # 870

Latest Information and CMRCM Club events        

* Flying Start Times: Electric Flight 9:00 am, gas and glow flight stays the same at 10:00 am

* Our next Fun Fly is on Sunday, April 30, 2017

* Our next club meeting: Monday May 1, 2017

* Visit www.rcaces.org and rcflightdeck.com for other listed events and auctions.


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Current Field Conditions                                                           Map of CMRCM Field  
  The field is in good shape.
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 CMRCM is a small club that is located in the Central Massachusetts region. Our field is in Northborough, MA (aprox. 300ft from Westborough town line) Map of CMRCM Field 

 Our meetings are held in Berlin, MA. We hold meetings once a month, except in the summer when we are too busy flying. We focus on RC aircraft, including glow powered, electric, soaring, etc. Membership is open to anyone.

 There is a fee to join and AMA membership is required if you are going to fly aircraft.

 Please see the Club Information section for more details.   Map of CMRCM Meeting Location

 The latest (November) newsletter is available here.

 The 2016 Fun-Fly Pilot Manual is available here.

Mission Statement

We promote active participation in the sport/hobby of radio-controlled model aviation. We support many aspects of the hobby, including sport/fun flying, pattern, scale, and combat. We hold both club fun flies and open AMA-sanctioned contests for interested members. We also have a flight-instruction program for beginning pilots.

Membership Application Form

The 2017 membership application form can be found herePlease print this and fill it out. Then mail it to the address specified.

Meeting Location and Date

The Next club meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 3rd:  see latest newsletter by clicking here.

 We hold membership meetings on the first Monday of each month except June, July, and August. If the first Monday is a holiday, the meeting is held the following Monday. Held at the First Parish Church on Route 62, Berlin MA, between Carter St. and Woodward Ave. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM. 

Board of Directors

President: Randy Holtgrefe
VP/Treasurer: Jonathan West
Field Director: Bob Waring
Safety Coordinator : Bob Waring
Secretary / Club Contact : Ken Kennedy
At Large Directors: Joel Smith, Chuck Dolan, Ruane Crummet
Newsletter Editors: Ken Kennedy, Bill Riordan 

 click here. for the club history of our Board of Directors


DISCLAIMER:  The following listings are posted at the request of club members.  If you have any questions or want to purchase these items, please contact the seller directly via email.  All sales are between private parties.  CMRCM, its members and Board of Directors are not responsible for the accuracy of these listings, nor do we make any warranties or representations, expressed or implied, regarding the content. CMRCM shall have no liability of any nature whatsoever in relation to any of the following listings.

 1.    Toledo Special with an OS 52a engine, moderate use - $200
        Hanger 9 40size Cub with an OS 72a engine - $200

        Messerschmidt  from Troy Built Models.  About 72" wingspan, flaps, heavy duty TBM retracts (retail $300), OS 155 alpha engine - new,             extra heavy duty servos.  Total retail over $1500.  Asking $750.

        OS 81a engine with pump, little use in box - $200

        OS 110a engine, new in box - $275

        SELLER: Art Minklein