CMRCM Member Classifieds

DISCLAIMER:  The following listings are posted at the request of club members.  If you have any questions or want to purchase these items, please contact the seller directly via email.  All sales are between private parties.  CMRCM, its members and Board of Directors are not responsible for the accuracy of these listings, nor do we make any warranties or representations, expressed or implied, regarding the content. CMRCM shall have no liability of any nature whatsoever in relation to any of the following listings.

 1.    Messerschmidt  from Troy Built Models.  About 72" wingspan, flaps, heavy duty TBM retracts (retail $300), OS 155 alpha                         engine - new, extra heavy duty servos.  Total retail over $1500.  Asking $750.

        SELLER: Art Minklein

2.    Lanier Jester "C" ARF wing span 63.0 in,  for .50-.60 engines.  Color White top, Blue bottom

        Still in original shipping box asking $ 250.00

        FREE PLANS:

        RC Sportsman Magazine: June 1979 Cloud Bound 99 , Sail Plane Building article included 


            RC Sportsman Magazine June 1976 Sawadee , Sail Plane with two wing versions, one for slope and one for thermals, Article included             

            RC Sportsman Magazine May 1976 O' Cafona, 0.60 -Pattern Bird , Article included                             


            RC Sportsman Magazine June 1976 Border Eaagle, 0.60 Pattern Bird, Article included 


            RC Sportsman Magazine February 1977 Cessna 310 II, Twin engine stand off scale, original used two Enya 0.15 for power, Article                     included 


            RC Sportsman Magazine March 1977 Skyjacker, 0.60 Pattern Bird, Article included 


            RC Sportsman Magazine March 1976 Spectra, 0.60 Pattern Bird, Article included

        SELLER: Jim Ramsey